Office Erotica Stories

Risqué office romances and steamy encounters in the workplace.

Personally Assisting My Boss

Let me take you back to the day I met him, the wealthy businessman who would forever change my life. It was just another ordinary day when I walked into his office for the first time as his new personal

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Sexting Bliss in the Office

I never imagined that my day-to-day interactions at work would lead to anything more than a few shared laughs, but then again, I’ve always been open to new experiences. It was during one of those typical mundane days when the

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Imagining My Boss and I

I always had a crush on my boss, Aaron, but I never thought anything would come of it. He’s tall, dark, and handsome, with the most amazing green eyes that seem to stare right through me. But he’s my boss!

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Office Conference Room Rendezvous

It was the end of another long workday, and I couldn’t help but feel a sense of relief wash over me as I gathered my things to head out of the office. As I reached for my coat, I noticed

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Swept Away by His Cock

“Oh my God, I can’t believe it,” I muttered under my breath as I stared at him from across the room. My heart was pounding and my palms were sweating, but I couldn’t resist staring at the massive bulge in

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The Teasing Office Milf

As I sat there, typing away at my desk, my phone buzzed with an incoming message. It was Sarah, our office milf, and she had a message for me that made my heart race. She was teasing me again, telling

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